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Finding Great Tenants

1 month’s rent.

Professional photos.
Immersive 3D Tour.
Aggressive online marketing.
Tenant screening.
Lease preparation.

Caring For Your Home

8% of monthly rent.

No setup fees.
No repair markups.
No lease extension/renewal fees.
Two annual inspections.

24/7 Emergency Service.


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Questions? Talk with a team member at
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Our Pricing in More Detail:

Finding Great Tenants

The leasing fee is collected once, when we find a tenant for your home.

Initial Lease

The first time we lease your home we collect the equivalent of one month’s rent. This covers all advertising costs, the work we do to market your home (incl. paying the tenant’s agent), screening tenants & preparing the lease.

Lease Renewal

If the lease term is about to expire and the same tenants want to renew their lease, we do not charge a fee to renew the lease.


If a tenant moves out and we re-market to find new tenants, we collect the equivalent of 75% of one month’s rent. When re-leasing we are able to collect a lower fee than the initial lease because we can reuse the creative assets (photos & tours, etc) we developed the first time.

Caring For Your Home

The management fee is collected monthly while your home is rented.

Management Fee

Our fee is 8% of the monthly rent. This includes maintenance coordination, 24/7 emergency service, rent collection, bill payment, online access to reports, direct deposit of your funds, and at least two inspections per year.

Vacant Property

If your home is vacant while we are advertising to find new tenants, we do not collect a fee.

Additional Services

If you would like us to perform services outside of what is listed on our website, for example: attend HOA meetings, oversee construction or renovations, etc., we bill on an hourly basis or, depending on the scope of work, we can discuss a flat fee.

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Questions? Talk with a team member at
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