The Regent Mission

To be good stewards of the assets with which our clients entrust us.

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The Regent Philosophy

We manage valuable assets. We see our job as much more important than just managing sticks & bricks. The way we see it, we manage one of the most valuable assets you own. That is why we manage your home with care and personal attention.

We manage important relationships. Our performance affects people’s lives. Both the owners’ and the tenants’. That’s why we are always transparent in our dealings & communications. We do our best to set clear expectations. We don’t over-promise. And we try to over-deliver.

The Regent Promise

I know that having to trust the care of your home to someone else can be difficult. Will they take good care of it? Will they maintain it properly? Will they be responsive and accessible?

If you choose to trust your home with Regent, we will care for it as if it were our own. We will make sure it is maintained properly, we will be responsive, and we will always be easily accessible.

That is my promise to you.

Theo Theologis, Esq.
Regent Founder & Principal Broker
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