We Screen Tenants

Thoroughly to Find

the Right People.

Our comprehensive screening includes full credit, criminal and eviction reports.

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From Vacant to a Great Tenant in 3 Steps:


Prospective tenants can apply online, or their agent can submit to us a paper application.


We carefully review applications and perform background and reference checks.


The most qualified applicant signs a lease and pays a security deposit & first month’s rent.

Our Screening Process Checks for Many Things, Including:

Credit History

An applicant’s credit history can say a lot about how responsible a tenant is.


We verify that an applicant has sufficient income to afford the rent.


We verify employment history with the applicant’s current and previous employer.

Criminal Background

We perform background checks to see if the applicant has had any run-ins with the law.

Prior Evictions

We check for past evictions and verify an applicant’s rental/residence history.

Pets & Smoking

We ensure that an applicant’s needs & habits are in line with each owner’s expectations.

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Questions? Talk with a team member at
(703) 879-7200