We Handle Emergency

& Maintenance


We take away the headache of maintenance calls, and we deal with any emergencies that come up.

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How We Manage Maintenance Requests:

Handyman Service

For small jobs that do not require a licensed professional, we use a reliable handyman who can perform most quick repairs.

Reputable Contractors

For plumbing, electrical, and other, bigger, jobs we hire reputable, licensed & bonded contractors.

No Markup

We do not markup any contractor or handyman work. You see their invoices and pay exactly what they charge.

24-Hour Emergency

Whether it’s the A/C not working at 8 pm, or a pipe leaking at 1 am, we are accessible 24 hours a day to deal with any emergency.

Expense Approval

We handle small expenses out of your reserve. For any expenses larger than $500 we require your approval (unless it’s an emergency).

Owner Dashboard

Your dedicated Owner Dashboard notifies you as soon as a ticket is created, and keeps you in the loop with photos, invoices, and updates.

Sample Pricing

These are general averages of local contractor rates.
We are listing them here to give you a general idea of what to expect.


Handyman service is $75 per call, which includes minor fixes. Work that will take more than 30 min is billed at $50/hr.


For electrical work, contractors typically charge a $85-$100 call fee and a $75-$100 hourly fee there after.


For plumbing work, contractors typically charge a $90-$120 call fee and a $100-$120 hourly fee there after.

For bigger jobs we request estimates from 3 companies,
which you will need to approve before proceeding with the work.

Owner Dashboard

Know what is happening at all times.

You are notified immediately when a work order is created and you can follow service scheduling, issue resolution, and communication between us and tenants, through your dedicated dashboard.

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Questions? Talk with a team member at
(703) 879-7200